You definitely need to check out these visuals for Big Star Johnson’s Sgubu

Big Star Johnson drops Sgubu video.

We are eagerly waiting for Big Star Johnson’s debut album Mes & Mines to drop, while we waiting though, the hip-hop star decided to bless us with a video offering today. He just dropped the video to his single Sgubu featuring King of Hip Hop, Kwesta this morning. The visuals are beyond dope.

GQ got a chance to chat with the star earlier to talk music, style and everything in between.

GQ: Let’s take it back a bit. Do you recall the first time you fell in love with music?

BSJ: Yes I do. It was Bone Thugs and Harmony ‘Paper Paper’. I’ve always had great music playing at home. I was intrigued but it wasn’t until I heard that song that I had a song that I fell in love with music.

GQ: South Africa was first introduced to you as the winner of the Vuzu Hustle in 2015. In one sentence can you describe your journey over the past 3 years leading up to your debut album?

BSJ: Growing up in the limelight ain’t easy but lessons learned slowly is better than lessons not learned at all.

GQ: Why the album titled Me & Mines?

BSJ: Me & Mines is an album about one weekend “me and mines” went through… Me and my people, my thoughts, my experiences… To you and yours. I really focused on nostalgia. I’m taking people on a trip.

GQ: You’ve just released Sgubu with Kwesta. The music video is looking really nice. What message do you want people to take away from it?

BSJ: Don’t forget where we come from and let’s celebrate our history instead of compete with it.

GQ: One word that describes your style?

BSJ: Dope.

GQ: What’s your favorite clothing item?

BSJ: My sneaker collection.

GQ: What does your daily grooming routine consist of?

BSJ: Daily? Brushing my teeth and taking a shower. I’m simple… smell good, rock a fresh pair of kicks and dope cap. You can’t go wrong!

GQ: What’s the one grooming or style item you can’t live without?

BSJ: A fresh pair of sneakers.

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The one Kwesta interview you need to read

Hip-hop icon Kwesta talks to GQ about staying original and taking his sound to the world. 

It’s since the artist Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi – who went from humble beginnings in Katlehong to making music with international superstars – became a seven-times
platinum best-seller. His originality has allowed him to shape a lane in music that few could ever dream of. In this exclusive, KWESTA shares his views on culture and identity, leaving a legacy and why Katlehong forms the blueprint for everything he touches.

GQ: How does your music celebrate being South African?

KWESTA: My music comes from the fact that I grew up here. All my stories are South African and people can understand that. I mention where I’m from all the time and celebrate it without fear.

GQ: Is that why Katlehong always makes it into your raps?

KWESTA: I want people to know that I come from a beautiful place and that I don’t come from complete hopelessness. That’s why I am so fearless, because K1 raised me and the world must come see this beautiful place.

GQ: How would you define a remixed culture?

KWESTA: I would use the township as a reference because that’s what I really know and am comfortable with. You see, it was never designed for any sort of greatness – its purpose was to keep a people segregated from what is great. But now we are communicating that the hood is actually better and you can make a mark. To me, this is the remix, because the original said you are useless and you don’t belong in society, and now we’re saying you can be Sandton and be hood.

GQ: Is this the reason tracks like ‘Spirit’ and ‘Ngud’’ became so successful?

KWESTA: That’s exactly the point. If you take the ‘Ngud’’ music video for instance. We show the scenes in reverse to show that this is where we come from. So we can start in the ’burbs but, ultimately, we’re from the hood. I think the trick with these two songs is that I had to create a new sound that would travel with this message. I have always spoken about things from the hood, but maybe the instrumentation did not accompany it.

GQ: Do you believe we are embracing the remix culture when it comes to sound?

KWESTA: Yes, I do. In the past, the beats didn’t accommodate the South African story. Most of them were heavily American focused, so I had to create this authentic sound. People know the story and started connecting to this message, but now a bigger number loves this music. The message, however, has never changed.

GQ: The message has never changed but your audience has to an extent. They are now so passionate about identity. How does this impact your message?

KWESTA: We are a country that is generally looking for identity and that appeals to everyone. I also think it’s important to find things that unify us, and give us some sort of idea of who we are. My songs allow people to be okay with who they are. But it was a massive struggle at first. The music I make is liberating. It makes you fearless.

GQ: You have mentioned being fearless more than once now. Why is it so important to you?

KWESTA: If I am afraid of who I am and where I’m from, I am allowing other people to tell my story. I need to run my life without fear. I am an individual in the world and if people tell me what to think or what my identity is supposed to be, then I don’t exist.

Read part 2 of the interview this Friday.

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Shekhinah bags a spot on the Forbes list

ShekhinahFrom Idols SA runner-up to one of the hottest musicians in South Africa, Shekhinah is killing it at the moment. Not only did she walk away with a handful of awards at the 2018 South African Music Awards but she’s also just topped the list of one of the most coveted names in the business. Forbes Africa revealed their 4th annual 30 Under 30 list which recognises and celebrates entrepreneurs under the age of 30 who are making major moves and changing their worlds while at it. Shekhinah made the cut along with fellow musicians Cassper Nyovest, Kwesta, Nasty C, Anatii. A huge congratulations to these artists, to say this is an achievement would be an understatement!

This is only the beginning.

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K1 King, Kwesta lights up our proudly local issue

The K1 King, Kwesta  lights up the cover of our South African issue.

The king of hip-hop is all about giving his fans nothing but quality. After an album, Dakar II, that went seven times platinum, making it the highest selling South African hip hop album of all time, there’s really no denying his quality and loaded influence.

He tells us he always mentions his hometown, Katlehong, because he wants people to know that he comes from a beautiful place.

‘And that, I don’t come from hopelessness. That’s why I’m so fearless, because K1 raised me and the world must come see this beautiful place.’

We’ve said this before, it doesn’t matter which international artists Kwesta collaborates with, he Is always bringing his true authentic South African culture to it. He doesn’t succumb to the Western way of doing things.

Take ‘Spirit’ for example, he kept it real and introduced Wale to the South African township culture. ‘Africa to the world.’ He says when he meets these artists, they need to understand that he won’t use their sound from the very onset, ‘because that would be robbing me of my upbringing and what I know. I am all about telling stories about where I am from.’

Kwesta believes it is important to find things that unify us and give some sort of idea of who we are.

‘My songs allow people to be okay with who they are.’

Kwesta also spoke to us about further collaborations with international stars.

Find out who these are on the latest issue now available on shelves nationwide.


To read Kwesta’s full cover story, get your copy now available on shelves or you can click here to subscribe for the digital edition.

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What to expect from Zonke’s upcoming album

Zonke’s new album is set to blow you away.

Only singer and songwriter Zonke Dikana can take a hiatus of over three years and then come back with a new single and boom, it’s an instant hit. On April 20th Zonke released her first single Tonight off her upcoming album to be released this June. The single shot to number one on music charts and trended on social media. Just listening to it made us realise that the Queen of Mzansi song is back.

On the new album, L.O.V.E (Living Out Various Emotions) Dikana features a song with multi-award winning rapper Kwesta. 

‘I featured Kwesta on one of the songs. The song is called Soul to Keep. He’s amazing. I’ve always loved Kwesta. When I listened to that song, I kept saying to my sister; ‘I’m hearing Kwesta on this, I think he’d be great on the song,’ she told True Love recently.

Dikana and Kwesta’s collabo is done and she is impressed with it. She is also quite impressed with Kwesta.

‘He came to the studio. I noticed he came alone, he didn’t bring an entourage. He was so early. I remember seeing a different car at the parking and I didn’t know it was him. When it was his call time, he just walked in. He’s such a nice guy; so talented and down to earth.’

Dikana says this album is inspired by love. And a happy kind of love. Dikana’s previous album Work of heart was a hit and we are certain this one will pull through too.

While we wait for L.O.V.E’s drop, listen to three of our favourite Dikana songs below;


Say Now



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Kwesta reaches yet another major milestone

Kwesta is always serving and winning. 

The rapper brought Wale to the people, to the hood while filming the video for ‘Spirit’.

He had him counting the money, well no he didn’t but this is SA, you sit in the front seat, you’re automatically the taxi accountant.

But where we’re going with this, is that the K1 native made his birthplace proud for remembering and celebrating his roots with authenticity. Considering how many local rappers lose the sight of who they truly are because they’re so entangled in trying to sell a certain image of themselves.

Kwesta is the humble dude you see mingling with the locals as an equal.

He is the talented dude that breaks records and reaches new milestones.

He recently announced that his album DakarII has been officially certified 7x platinum by Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA). This makes it the highest selling album in South African hip-hop to date.

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Inside Kwesta’s Umbondo Ceremony

Rapper, Kwesta, real name Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi, celebrated his Umbondo over the weekend and images of the ceremony have been circulating around social media. The Spirit penner and his partner, Yolanda Mvelase, took to Kwesta’s home in Katlehong and rung in their gift exchange ceremony.

In Zulu tradition and wedding stages, after lobola has been paid and the Umembeso ceremoy has taken place, an Umbondo is held to allow the bride an opportunity to reciprocate her gratitude to her in-laws. She does this through the form of gifts and buying of groceries. Those in attendance included Babes Wodumo in this traditional Zulu outfit:

Take a look at some of the moments from the celebrations.

Congratulations to Kwesta and Yolanda! Do share your thoughts with us.

*Umbondo information sourced from Ulwazi Programme.