The 9 things Madonna invented that you didn’t realize Madonna invented

MadonnaIn her 60 years on this planet—yes, it really has been that long, on Thursday—Madonna has left her mark on every facet of culture, from, most obviously, music to film, fashion, and beauty. It’s hard to imagine a world without Madonna because it would likely look so different. While her trendsetting is mostly confined to conversations about her music and style—what other celebrities could you recognize purely by the silhouette of a bra, or by inconspicuous rubber bracelets—Madonna has also shaped culture at large, probably in ways, you didn’t recognize as bearing her mark. In celebration of her 60th birthday, take a look below the many cultural trends we have her to thank for. As she once famously said, “People think they will wake up one day and I’ll be gone. But I’m never going away.”

The Pop x Art Crossover

Well before pop stars were referred to as artists, and before Jay-Z was aping Marina Abramovic, Madonna bridged the worlds of pop music and fine art. As a New Yorker in the 80’s, Madonna was a fixture in art circles, palling around with the likes of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and of course Jean-Michel Basquiat, who she dated from 1982 to ’84. “I remember getting up in the middle of the night and he wouldn’t be in bed lying next to me; he’d be standing, painting, at four in the morning, this close to the canvas, in a trance,” she said of their relationship. “I was blown away by that, that he worked when he felt moved.” Plus, she often borrowed from artists in her own work, like the images of Marilyn Minter and Guy Bourdin that turned up in her music videos and stage sets. It’s impossible to think that an album like Lady Gaga’s Art Pop would exist without Madonna.

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The Pop x Fashion Crossover

Before pop stars like Rihanna were fixtures at fashion shows, on the runway, and on fashion magazines, Madonna forged that frontier. While David Bowie famously collaborated with Kansai Yamamoto, Madonna was the first to make collaborations between pop artists and designers routine. That started with her iconic cone bra collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier. Shortly after, Madonna was handpicked by Anna Wintour for the Vogue editor-in-chief’s first cover with a celebrity, which Wintour later described when defending the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian cover as something that “was considered completely controversial at the time, too.” “It’s such a long time ago probably no one remembers, but she was a very controversial figure,” Wintour said. “Now she’s part of the establishment.” Years later, in 1995, Madonna made appearing in fashion campaigns the norm when she starred in a campaign for Versace that the brand later recreated with Lady Gaga.

Auteur Pop

If there never was Madonna, there might not be artists like Charli XCX and, in a more mainstream capacity, Taylor Swift. Well before pop artists were taken seriously enough for adults to confidently call themselves fans, Madonna was creating a new era in the genre. She normalized the idea that pop stars could and should write their own songs. She alone introduced the idea of authenticity in pop music. And, she pushed back in an industry where pop stars were once simply cogs in a machine.

Celeb Skincare Lines

Madonna might not have been the first celebrity to release a skincare line (see: Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty and Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics), but she raised the bar for quality with MDNA. As her longtime dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, who collaborated on the creation of the line, explained, “The products represent the most thorough, meticulous, advanced and different skincare experience—luxurious formulations that leave your skin feeling and smelling great, and cutting-edge technologies to help deliver the ingredients.” Madonna later shared her feelings about it, telling Jimmy Fallon, “I didn’t come here as a pop icon goddess. I came here as an aesthetician to rewrite the declaration of skindependence. Can I have a drum roll? Thank you. We do not discriminate with the skincare line. It’s for everyone. Old people. I’m going to bring humanity together with the MDNA skin care line.”


Sure, Madonna didn’t invent Instagram—but she did put in motion the guiding principle behind it: That we are all curators of our own lives. With her 1992 Sex book, Madonna presented the idea of not only self-branding but of presenting a unified aesthetic through photos as your personal brand. Hers was shot by Steven Meisel and Fabien Baron and featured celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Isabella Rossellini. It’s no surprise that Madonna excels at Instagram today.

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Proto-Reality TV

One year before MTV changed the course of TV history with the premiere of Real World, Madonna released her own version of reality TV: Madonna: Truth or Dare. The documentary was an instant hit, becoming the highest-grossing documentary until 2002’s Bowling for Columbine. It also shows Madonna at her most emotionally vulnerable with confessional-style interviews. Aside from laying the groundwork for reality TV, the project also made tour films a norm.

Proto-Viral Moments

Thanks to her Truth or Dare documentary, Madonna helped to create the idea of monocultural—now known as viral—moments. After the film came out, she referenced it in a proto-viral cameo in Wayne’s World that was soundtracked by her 1990 hit “Justify My Love”—the controversial video for which was also a proto-viral moment. If that doesn’t convince you that Madonna set the tone for the modern internet, just look to her 1995 infamous sit-down with Courtney Love at the Video Music Awards, or at the same awards show in 2003, the kiss (with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera) seen around the world.


One of the reasons Madonna has aged so gracefully is that she’s been such a proponent of health consciousness. She was an early adopter of yoga, specifically Ashtanga yoga, and an early adopter of macrobiotic, vegetarian diet. She was also largely responsible for the Kabbalah trend in the late 90’s, which really took hold in the early aughts. Remember how those red bracelets were once fashion statements?

Age Inclusivity in Pop

Before Madonna, pop artists had a shelf life. Madonna has raised the age cut-off with every new decade she approaches, though. It’s in part thanks to her that 40s are the new 30s, 50s are the new 40s, 60s are the new 50s, and so on. As she eloquently put it when she turned 57, in a caption on Instagram: “Shut up jealous b—-es! I hope you are as fun-loving and adventurous as me when you’re my age!!!! Hahahhahaha let’s see.”

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Bonang To Host Viewers Choice Awards Again

Bonang Matheba Is Set To Host DSTV Viewers Choice Awards Again. Media personality Bonang Matheba will host the second annual DSTV Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards. The prestigious event will be held on Saturday November 24 at the Sandton Convention Centre. Read more about the ceremony and check out the full nominees list HERE. Speaking of […]

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Queer Eye Season 3 is gonna be full of fire jawnz

Coming soon on Queer Eye: a whole lot of Yeezys.

Last week, Netflix announced that the hit Queer Eye reboot would officially be coming back for a third season. Considering the way the show has infiltrated popular culture with its fuzzy, feel-good undertones (nabbing a handful of Emmy nominations along the way), the announcement didn’t come as a total surprise. But nonetheless, it was still extremely good news for casual and diehard watchers alike.

While many fans wonder exactly what the forthcoming episodes might entail (spoiler alert: deep heartfelt chats, middle-aged men trying on skinny jeans, and B-roll of Antoni’s dreamy eyes), it looks like season three will feature at least one thing that previous episodes didn’t: hyped-up menswear.

A quick scroll through Instagram reveals that the Queer Eye crew just started filming for the upcoming season. Tan France, the show’s resident fashion expert and noted lover of the French Tuck, can be seen draped in head-to-toe Yeezy, an outfit we’ll describe as “UPS Driver but Make It Fashion.” And it should come as no shock that he nails it. Between the combo of gray socks and dusty suede boots, his perfect short length and statement eyewear, it’s easy to see why he’s the show’s style guru.

To double Queer Eye’s dosage of hyped footwear, Antoni Porowski (the always stylish food-and-wine guy) followed Tan’s lead, rocking the exact same Yeezy desert boot. He opted to switch things up by wearing a David Bowie shirt instead of an all-Yeezy fit, though. But the most hyped-up footwear award probably has to go to the firecracker of positivity that is Jonathan Van Ness, who looks to be rocking a pair of Vetements sock runners. The kicks could also be the heeled-boot version, which he has also been known to wear. Either way, one thing is crystal clear: The Queer Eye guys have upgraded their own personal closets.

Since the reboot first premiered, the entire cast has gone from everyday dudes to beloved celebrities—presumably with the bank accounts and famous-person perks to match. If you’ve been following any of the cast online, you might have noticed a steady stream of designer clothing and fancy products appears to have trickled into their lives. The sudden showy upgrade might not work for most reality-TV stars, but the Queer Eye crew wears it well: They’re still the same guys you know and love, just with nicer clothes. We’re looking forward to more heartwarming makeovers, but we’ll also be keeping our eyes peeled for the jawnz the Fab Five will be wearing this season—and hoping that Antoni wears his cross-body bag in an episode.

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Savage X Fenty has added a whole bunch of NSFW accessories to its offering

RihannaIs there anything pop royalty Rihanna can’t do? The 30-year-old songstress, beauty mogul, actress and philanthropist has been taking over the world industry by industry and now she’s ventured into lingerie – and that’s not all. It’s recently been announced that the line Savage X Fenty will also include some accessories of the NSFW variety.

Many of the add-ons have already sold out, such as the satin pasties and riding crops, but there are still plenty of bits available, including eye masks, handcuffs and garters.

Savage X Fenty

Speaking to Vogue, about her Shoreditch pop up store that ran from 13th-17th June, Rihanna admitted she likes nothing more than seeing the excitement on people’s faces: “I love seeing the reaction to Savage X Fenty in person, so having a pop-up shop is really exciting for me!“

“I want women to feel great wearing lingerie. I want them to feel confident, sexy, flirty. But most of all, I want them to feel like themselves.”

That’s an empowering message we can all agree with – we can’t wait to get our hands on it all.

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Is Pinky Girl Bonang’s copy cat?

Pinky GirlLet’s be honest, no one really knew the name Tebogo ‘Pinky Girl’ Mekgwe before her cousin Bonang Matheba put her on her reality TV show Being Bonang. And thank goodness she did because the world has been missing out on the fire that is Pinky Girl. But she and her cuzzy have taken their friendship to the next level… They’ve started sharing each other’s things! Now, obviously, Bonang has to been seen in these things first because, well, she’s Bonang freakin’ Matheba but Pinky Girl has been seen sporting the very same pair of shoes on multiple occasions. The first are those gorgeous Manolo Blahnik heels which Bonang debuted at the Miss SA pageant.

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And the second pair is these hot sock boots:

Why not🥂

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….Expect nothing.Appreciate everything☺….its FRIDAY💣💥🔥#beingbonangs2💥💣🔥

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To be honest we don’t blame them because this shoe candy is too good not to show off multiple times and after all what are friends for?

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All the locals that represented at the BET Awards

This past weekend the 2018 BET Awards took place in Los Angeles and it wouldn’t be a real awards show without a little African butter to represent. Stars like Nomzamo Mbatha, Pearl Thusi and Nandi Madida were all there in the thick of it. And as expected they looked amazing! See some of the best snaps of the night of our fave local celebs representing our beautiful country here:

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Blackanda #betawards2018 @mintysfabrics

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Mufasa at #BETAwards2018

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The stars who reigned supreme at Virgil Abloh’s first show with Louis Vuitton

Yesterday, Virgil Abloh presented his very first collection for Louis Vuitton in Paris. His A-list pals stepped out to attend. The star-studded guest list included Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott, Rita Ora, Chadwick Boseman, Bella Hadid and Naomi Campbell to name a few of the major names that sat front row at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer 2019 show, which was part of Paris Fashion Week and took place at the Jardin du Palais-Royal. Also on-hand for the highly-anticipated show were A$AP Rocky, Jordyn Woods and Alexander Skarsgard.

See some of the snaps of the day here:

witnessed black history in off white. @virgilabloh

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