Celeb tributes pour in for award-winning actor Akhumzi Jezile

Akhumzi Jezile Death

Former Yo Tv presenter, and Golden Horn Award-winning actor, Akhumzi Jezile passed away in a car accident over the long weekend. Details surrounding the accident, which took place on the N6 near Queenstown in the Eastern Cape, have yet to be confirmed.

Many celebrities have taken to Instagram to share their touching tributes.

Akhumzi Jezile

 Akhumzile Jezile

RIP Akhumzi x

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Why Akhumzi Jezile was a big deal

Akhumzi was one of the most talented people in Mzansi entertainment. 

Renowned television personality Akhumzi Jezile died this past weekend, at 29. Jezile’s death sent shock waves throughout social media, as his friends, fans and colleagues expressed their sadness over his death. Jezile passed away in an accident in Queenstown, Eastern Cape. The accident also took the lives of Inxeba actor Thobani Mseleni and former Joyous Celebrations singer Siyasanga Kobese.

Jezile was born in 1989 in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. He was a renowned television presenter and producer as well as an actor.

Jezile was one of the most loved personalities in Mzansi, here is why;

Triple thread talent

Whether he was hosting a television or radio show, producing, acting or being an MC, Jezile was always excellent. His brilliant acting is what made him walk away with a SAFTA for best-supporting actor for his role in SABC 1 show Tempy Pushas, in 2015. His was passion evident in all he did, hence many followed his career, all the way from his days as YOTV.

‘He was one of those MCs that was always accommodating to performers to express themselves freely,’ says music legend Arthur Mafokate. 

Consummate professional 

Jezile has been hailed by his peers in the entertainment industry for his professionalism. This is one trait that made them respect him. 

‘He was one of the hardest working dudes in the industry. Always went the extra mile, he was really passionate about what he did. He really cared,’ hip-hop star AKA said on Twitter about Jezile. 

AKA’s mate and fellow rapper DaLES concurred, ‘Akhumzi was very passionate about entertainment it was so admirable to watch. It seemed like he was passionate about everyone.’


Jezile was also loved for his way of encouraging other performers and how he always pushed them on. 

Rapper Gigi Lamanyane took to her Twitter to express how the star had believed in her before anyone else. ‘You started believing when nobody did. This was years ago. I’m super hurt.’

Mr Funny Guy 

If you followed him on social media, this isn’t news to you. Jezile was one of the funniest people around. The videos he posted always left many in chuckles. Since he passed on his friends have been sharing some of their favourite videos of him.  

Watch some of the videos below; 


My heart just broke into pieces ✂📍💔📌❗🚫🛑🆘

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Still doesn’t make sense 💔

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Renowned television personality Akhumzi Jezile has died at 29

Akhumzi was a Safta award-winning actor. 

Television presenter, actor and producer Akhumzi Jezile has died. According to reports Akhumzi died in a car crash in Queenstown, Eastern Cape. 

Jezile was born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. He got into the spotlight in 2007, when he became a presenter on SABC 1’s YOTV. Jezile then went on to become one of Mzansi’s most loved and sought after personalities. 

In 2014, Jezile won a SAFTA for best-supporting actor for his role in SABC 1 series Tempy Pushas. 

Jezile was also a radio presenter for Umhlobo Wenene for a while. 

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Cassper Nyovest’s Ksazobalit video will give you goosebumps

Cassper envisions how we will be when we get back the land.

We didn’t know that it was a trap, so we all fell for it when hip-hop star Cassper Nyovest and actress Pearl Thusi had a go at each other on Twitter. Their twar was based on Cassper supposedly not liking that Pearl was riding horses because according to his tweets horses are for white people. Of course, Pearl hid back at Cassper and a Twar ensued. And it made entertainment headlines. Fast forward two days later, Cassper drops the video for his new single Ksazobalit, and guess who’s riding a horse in the video? You guessed right, Pearl Thusi. The hype around their twar was the publicity the video needed. 

However, frankly speaking as beneficial as that stunt was, Ksazobalit, sells itself. 

Nyovest took on to social commentary on this video as he tackles the land issue. In the video, Nyovest envisioned a world with a black man as a wealthy farmer. Donned in what most of us have known to be the farmers’ attire Cassper does the vhosho, drives tractors, raps and flexes as he goes about his business on his farm. 

An epic visual is the aerial shot of the farm as farm workers in blue overalls dance, its excellent both in the way they dance, but also its insinuation of black people celebrating the ownership of the land. 

Idols judge and television personality Somizi makes a cameo as a truck delivery driver in the video. 

There’s a scene on the video that is almost a replica of a scene in the 2004 hit movie The Cookout when all the gang from the hood come for a braai and the white neighbours look on. It’s hilarious as the white farmer looks on at Nyovest and as his guests have lunch. The look is envious and yet too proud to ask to join. However, because this is a music video, there’s the happy ending of Nyovest inviting the farmer to join them, and he obliges.

Though brief, Thusi’s cameo as she rode in her a horse made Ksazobalit look dreamy and gave us goosebumps. I had hoped for a kind of embrace between Nyovest and Thusi in the video though. 

This is one of Nyovest’s best videos to date in my opinion.  

Watch the video below; 

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The real-life diet of Salt Bae, who has great abs

The key to becoming a global food icon like Salt Bae? Four hours of sleep, nuts, and jumping rope.

If you’ve spent any time on Salt Bae’s Instagram—and let’s be honest, you have—it’s a treasure chest of videos involving, but not limited to, meat, fitness, tight white tees, swagger, Diddy, abs, knife acrobatics, and more meat. By all Instagram appearances, the Man Who Became a Meme—real name: Nusret Gökçe—is living the good life. But it left us with some questions. What does a professional meat man eat for a living? And how did a sensual salt sprinkler get in such good shape? So we asked him—and he answered over e-mail, busy as he is running a global steakhouse chain.


#saltbae #salt#saltlife

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What do you eat every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
I take in a lot of protein. For breakfast it’s oatmeal usually, sometimes hard-boiled egg whites—never the yolks—with tomatoes and cheese and a piece of toast. I’m typically too busy working in the restaurant during the day to have lunch, but then have a large piece of red meat for dinner with whatever vegetables are around.

What about for a snack, if you get hungry?
I do have nuts in the afternoon.

What’s your go-to guilty-pleasure meal?
No meal should make you feel guilty if you eat healthily and exercise regularly.


How much meat do you actually eat?
It’s not about the amount. I have the amount of protein I need every day to fuel myself. I’m very busy.

How did you first get so interested in meat?

I needed a job to help my family growing up in Turkey. So I became a butcher. And I loved it. So here we are.


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When and how did you learn the signature Salt Bae move?
I’ve been doing it for a long time, it just came naturally to me.

#saltbae #salt#saltlife 👊🏽

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What is your daily workout? Or, if it changes every day, what are some of the workouts or exercises you enjoy doing most?

I​ prefer boxing and body-weight work. It gives me the definition and core strength I want. A lot of jumping rope, ropes, anything to not only stimulate muscle but also keep me quick. I have to be fast in the kitchen.

How do you balance your love of food with your desire to keep your body in prime shape?
They go hand in hand. I have to fuel my body to work out and work out to eat the food I love.

How do you maintain your fitness and diet on the road, while travelling?
Jumping rope and body weight you can do anywhere. I also love to play soccer.

Who has been the most interesting or memorable celebrity to come to your restaurant?
I don’t think about the celebrities in my restaurants—they are just another guest who needs great food and great service.



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At the end of each day, I saw you say you do a mental evaluation. What does that look like?
I review my day and everything that happened in the kitchen before I fall asleep. This way I can always improve.

How much do you sleep?
About 4 hours, sometimes less if it’s a busy day in the kitchen. I don’t feel exhausted. I think my diet and exercise prevent this.

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Serena Williams happy for Meghan Markle

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is “super happy” for her “incredibly nice” friend Meghan Markle, who will marry Prince Harry next month.
The tennis star has praised the former ‘Suits’ star as a “great girl” and couldn’t be more thrilled for her pal ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry next month.

Serena said: “I’m obviously super happy for her. She’s such a great girl and she is incredibly nice and I couldn’t be happier for her.”

Last year, the 36-year-old sportswoman married Alexis Ohanian and she is pleased to have such a “super supportive” spouse.

Speaking on the red carpet at the premiere of her documentary ‘Being Serena’, she told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “He is super supportive and has always here for me. You know, all of my friends are, and it means a lot to me.”

The couple have a seven-month-old daughter, Olympia, and Serena finds the “most rewarding” part of being a parent is when the tot smiles at her.

She said: “She doesn’t have any teeth, and she’s seven months, so it’s like I get to see her toothless smile and it makes me so happy.”

Pregnancy made the tennis champion take over a year out from competing and she has admitted it was gruelling preparing to make her return to the court earlier this year.

She said: “Sometimes, when I’m out there, it’s incredibly hard. It’s incredibly difficult and there’s moments where I’m like, ‘I don’t know if this is ever gonna happen. But it does and I keep going and I keep trying to make it.”

Meghan, 36, has previously spoken about her close friendship with Serena.

In her now-deleted blog, The Tig, she wrote: “She quickly became a confidante I would text when I was travelling, the friend I would rally around for her tennis matches, and the down to earth chick I was able to grab lunch with just a couple weeks ago in Toronto.”

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Karlie Kloss calls long-time beau her ‘ride or die’

Karlie Kloss has gushed over her long-term boyfriend Joshua Kushner calling him her “ride or die”.
Karlie Kloss
The former Victoria’s Secret model gushed about her beau to her 7.2 million Instagram followers on Thursday (26.04.18), sharing a sweet picture of the pair in the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan, where they appear to have spent the day dune racing.Alongside the photo, in which Joshua is resting his hand on Karlie’s leg, she wrote: “My ride or die.”

Karlie has been dating Joshua since 2012, and previously confessed she was “definitely not planning on falling in love” with him and that she feels love is best when it is spontaneous as it is one of those things that you “can’t anticipate or plan”.

She explained: “I was definitely not planning on falling in love. But I think that’s the thing about it, you can’t anticipate or plan it.”

Karlie previously posted a sweet tribute to on social media to mark his birthday and gushed that she has had “the best memories” with the hunk.

She captioned a picture of the pair: “My atoms love your atoms, It’s chemistry. – @atticuspoetry Happy birthday to my best friend and partner in crime. The past 5 years of our adventures together have been some of the best memories of my life. I love you @joshuakushner (sic)”

Meanwhile, Karlie previously revealed she had her heart “crushed” when she was friend-zoned at school.

She confessed: “I went to senior prom with my best friend from high school who came up to about here [her waist]. I think he was a solid two feet shorter than me.

“I told you that I couldn’t pay a boy to date me. I poured my heart out to him at one point and said, ‘I love you, please, will you date me?’ and he was like, ‘Oh, Karlie, I love you, but you’re a friend. Friend territory. And I was like, ‘ok’. Yeah, he crushed my heart, but that was in eighth grade.”

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