Cassper Nyovest gets himself in hot water with debt!

Cassper NyovestCassper Nyovest is no stranger to the tabloids with just under a month ago he was under fire for losing out at the BET Awards. But he’s never shied away from clapping back at the haters and putting them in their place.
But Cassper’s latest infidelity has got him very tight-lipped. His stylist Didi Simelane recently came out saying that the rapper owed him a whopping R 60 000! This is not the first time the pair have worked with each other and Didi even gave him an R 20 000 discount because he “trusted” Cassper. But he is now fuming after Cassper flaunted some very expensive looking ice on his Instagram. See the post here:

‪Which one should I wear today. LEFT or RIGHT? #APgang #APBoys #AudemarsPiguet‬

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After seeing this he was furious and even went so far as to post screenshots of the pair’s conversation to prove that he was not making this up. See the receipts here:

January 18 2018 Can Cassper Just Dial My Coins !!!

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Now we obviously can’t confirm this is, in fact, the actual Cassper Nyovest in this conversation, but if it is he needs to ease up on the caps lock.

So the two are both getting lawyers involved and it seems to be getting ugly now. We’ll keep you updated!

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Cassper hits back at haters

Cassper Nyovest TwitterAfter Sjava’s win at the BET awards, fans took to Twitter to poke fun at Cassper Nyovest over his loss, but the rapper did not take these lightly and let the haters know what he really thinks.

So combine the World Cup drama and Cassper Nyovest and you get a whole mess. He took to social media weighing in on the Russia and Spain match by saying: “Spain is gonna kill these penalties. Russia probably nervous as hell right now. De Gea in the poles? Spain also have quality players to kick.”

A sassy tweep was quick to respond comparing this to his loss, but Cassper was just as quick to respond with a fire clapback. See it here:

Loyal fans backed him up by posting pictures of his house, cars and accolades that he has achieved throughout his successful career.

And he also put a warning out there that he see’s everything but he refuses to stoop down to their pettiness:


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Our Favourite Celebrity Looks From BET 2018

Our local celebs did the most at the BET Awards this past weekend This past weekend the BET Awards took place and as we reported before, Sjava took home an award for Best International Act under the Viwer’s Choice category. We took a look at the fashion from the award ceremony and these are the […]

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Shekhinah bags a spot on the Forbes list

ShekhinahFrom Idols SA runner-up to one of the hottest musicians in South Africa, Shekhinah is killing it at the moment. Not only did she walk away with a handful of awards at the 2018 South African Music Awards but she’s also just topped the list of one of the most coveted names in the business. Forbes Africa revealed their 4th annual 30 Under 30 list which recognises and celebrates entrepreneurs under the age of 30 who are making major moves and changing their worlds while at it. Shekhinah made the cut along with fellow musicians Cassper Nyovest, Kwesta, Nasty C, Anatii. A huge congratulations to these artists, to say this is an achievement would be an understatement!

This is only the beginning.

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Cassper Nyovest’s Ksazobalit video will give you goosebumps

Cassper envisions how we will be when we get back the land.

We didn’t know that it was a trap, so we all fell for it when hip-hop star Cassper Nyovest and actress Pearl Thusi had a go at each other on Twitter. Their twar was based on Cassper supposedly not liking that Pearl was riding horses because according to his tweets horses are for white people. Of course, Pearl hid back at Cassper and a Twar ensued. And it made entertainment headlines. Fast forward two days later, Cassper drops the video for his new single Ksazobalit, and guess who’s riding a horse in the video? You guessed right, Pearl Thusi. The hype around their twar was the publicity the video needed. 

However, frankly speaking as beneficial as that stunt was, Ksazobalit, sells itself. 

Nyovest took on to social commentary on this video as he tackles the land issue. In the video, Nyovest envisioned a world with a black man as a wealthy farmer. Donned in what most of us have known to be the farmers’ attire Cassper does the vhosho, drives tractors, raps and flexes as he goes about his business on his farm. 

An epic visual is the aerial shot of the farm as farm workers in blue overalls dance, its excellent both in the way they dance, but also its insinuation of black people celebrating the ownership of the land. 

Idols judge and television personality Somizi makes a cameo as a truck delivery driver in the video. 

There’s a scene on the video that is almost a replica of a scene in the 2004 hit movie The Cookout when all the gang from the hood come for a braai and the white neighbours look on. It’s hilarious as the white farmer looks on at Nyovest and as his guests have lunch. The look is envious and yet too proud to ask to join. However, because this is a music video, there’s the happy ending of Nyovest inviting the farmer to join them, and he obliges.

Though brief, Thusi’s cameo as she rode in her a horse made Ksazobalit look dreamy and gave us goosebumps. I had hoped for a kind of embrace between Nyovest and Thusi in the video though. 

This is one of Nyovest’s best videos to date in my opinion.  

Watch the video below; 

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Why everybody actually gives a damn about Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest is still making it.


Cassper Nyovest is still making it.

Since 2015, when rapper, businessman and producer Cassper Nyovest, owned the year in hip-hop, he hasn’t stopped. The history-making star has continued to churn out mega hits and fill up stadiums. His last fill up was the FNB Stadium and it was bangers.

Abuti Fill Up as many call the hitmaker is currently owning the music charts with his two single Check on you featuring Davido and Ksazobalit.

Some may wonder why Nyovest continues to be such a big deal, we found a few reasons why he is still the baddest.

He is relatable

Nyovest is the guy next door. He is not an intimidating or a far-fetched idea, he is the regular guy. Because of where he comes from it’s easy for the masses to relate to him. Relating to his struggles, his triumphs and his story is easy. His rhymes speak of his desire to succeed, that desire is universal.

Transformation king

If we had Most transformed awards in South Africa, Nyovest would be one of the big winners. Outside of what the dough has done for him, his journey from potbelly to six pack is inspiring. When he started his journey to fitness, Nyovest gave up carbs and alcohol, the proof has been in the pudding, the motherfucker now has a kickass body.

His transformation hasn’t only been body wise, his music has also evolved over the years, but the essence remained true. Nyovest hasn’t been afraid to dab in Gqom, Mbaqanga or Afro beats to stretch his reach as an artist.

‘I never want to get to a point where no one knows who I am, that’s why I work so hard.’, Nyovest said in an interview on Real Talk with Anele.

Dope music

Let’s just admit it, even if you have your opinions about Nyovest, you have at least one song of his you know is dope. You may be one of those who won’t admit it, but if you have at any point jammed to his music, no matter how much you think Tito Mboweni is crap, you love his music. Nyovest creates some dope music. Music you can dance and sing along to. Think Gusheshe, Doc Shebeleza, Phumakim, Baby Girl, Malome, the list is long.


After filling up The Dome in 2015, then filling up Orlando Stadium in 2016, Nyovest made history in 2017 by being the first African hip-hop artist to fill up FNB Stadium. Initially, when Nyovest announced his intention to fill up FNB Stadium, there were many who didn’t believe he could do it, including comedian Loyiso Gola. He proved the naysayers wrong and made history.

His next target is to fill up Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban.

His hunger

From his music, his vision to be the best, his fitness, we can all agree that Nyovest is hungry to succeed. That hunger is infectious, when he fills up a stadium or gets himself a Bently, it makes many believe they can also reach their dreams. Nyovest has been open about the fact he intends to win a Grammy Award, and with all he has achieved, we don’t think that dream is far-fetched.

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Cassper Nyovest is collabing with Jason Derulo!

Cassper NyovestCassper Nyovest has just been confirmed he will be singing alongside Jason Derulo on the 2018 FIFA World Cup soundtrack. Jason Derulo was chosen by Coca-Cola to create an international anthem for the upcoming soccer tournament in Russia, and the singer has decided to reach out to our local singers for the project. Jason Derulo is working with artists from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique and of course, South Africa. Cassper Nyovest is very excited to be working with Jason Derulo on an anthem for the biggest sport in the world.

The song will be titled Colors and will be released on the 16th of March. Here’s a video that shows Jason Derulo talking about how the track came together:

We are beyond excited to hear the new track, and let’s hope it is as popular Shakira’s Waka Waka!

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