How Beyoncé won the Met Gala without even showing up

BeyoncéAlthough Beyoncé skipped the religion-themed 2018 Met Gala, she somehow still managed to steal the night when a hilarious meme began circulating on Twitter. Sources revealed to Entertainment Tonight earlier this week that Queen Bey would forgo the fashion event to take some much-needed vacation time with her husband Jay-Z before their On the Run II tour. But fans quickly started joking that just because we couldn’t see Beyoncé didn’t mean she wasn’t there—she’d clearly hit the red carpet as the Holy Spirit.

“Beyoncé arriving as the Holy Ghost. Stunning!” one Twitter user wrote while uploading a picture of the red carpet with no one on it. “Beyoncé serving looks,” someone else joked. The Beyhive didn’t waste any time whipping up their own versions of the hysterical meme.

This marks the second year in a row Bey was absent from the event; last year she had to skip out because she was pregnant with her twins, Rumi and Sir.She’s obviously had some of the most incredible Met Gala gowns in the past as well, from her unforgettable 2013 Givenchy dress with matching gloves to the 2014 black Givenchy dress from the elevator incident to that other see-through Givenchy showstopper that shocked us all. Let’s just hope she’s well-rested and ready for 2019’s gala.

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Will Beyonce show up? And 10 other 2018 Met Gala questions

The Met Gala: It’s the time of year when celebrities, fashion insiders, and other high-profile names come together, at the invitation of Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to celebrate the Costume Institute’s exhibit in truly impeccable style. (Disclosure: Vogue and Glamour are both published by Condé Nast.)

We know the who (Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, along with co chairs Rihanna, Amal Clooney, and Donatella Versace; and a yet-to-be-revealed mega-watt guest list), the when (the first Monday in May, which this year falls on the 7th), and the where (the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, duh) for the 2018 gathering. We also know the title of this year’s Costume Institute exhibition: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” which, according to Vogue, is “designed to create a dialogue between fashion and the masterworks of religious art in the museum’s holdings.”

But so many of the specifics we look forward to every year—who wears what, who shows up with whom, who will break the event’s strict “no selfie” rule—are kept strictly under wraps until the guests arrive. (Vogue never comments on the guest list, nor does it reveal who will perform inside the Met Gala ahead of the event.)

Ahead, we run through some of the real, though not urgent—or, really, super crucial—questions we found ourselves pondering ahead of the 2018 Met Gala. All musings are entirely speculative, of course. But that doesn’t make them any less fun.

What iconic, random grouping will we get from the Met Gala’s annual restroom gathering?

The Met Gala has a strict “no social media” policy, but…those in attendance are among the most-followed individuals in the world, so you know they’re going to find the loopholes. For the past few years, celebrities gather in the museum’s bathrooms to snap some of the most unexpected group pictures of all time. Where else can you get Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Brie Larson, Lily Aldridge, Paris Jackson, Ashton Sanders, Frank Ocean, P. Diddy, Kim Kardashian, A$AP Rocky, Luka Sabbat, and Slick Woods in the same shot?

annual bathroom selfie

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Will Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik reunite on the red carpet?

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

Another mainstay of the Met Gala red carpet? Celebrity couples setting a new bar for #couplegoals, year after year. It’s also been the platform for many to make their public debuts: In 2017 it was Selena Gomez and The Weeknd; in 2016 it was Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik. So who will we find ourselves shipping after the red carpet gets rolled up at the end of the night on Monday? As rumours about Hadid and Malik getting back together continue to circulate, we have to wonder whether they’ll attend—and maybe even walk the red carpet—together. Something about the Met Gala just sets the tone for romance. After all, it’s widely rumored this is where the Taylor Swift–Tom Hiddleston relationship began.)

Will Kylie Jenner use the Met Gala to make her first red-carpet reappearance?

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has kept a low profile over the past year, as she was awaiting the arrival of her first child, Stormi Webster. And though she’s kept her fans up to date on her goings-on via social media, she has yet to make a public appearance in 2018. (Well, unless you count Coachella.) Will she use the Met Gala—an event she’s attended twice—to mark her first red carpet of the year? Hm…

Will the Ocean’s 8 cast arrive as a squad?

It’s the perfect opportunity, considering the film is about seven women who rob the Met Gala. What better way to promote your movie than all of the actresses showing up together to the actual Met Gala? Plus, cast member Rihanna is a cohost that evening. Your move, Warner Bros.

Will Rihanna release new Fenty Music?

Speaking of Rih, she’s also an obvious guess at the evening’s entertainment. When Katy Perry cohosted the event last year, she performed. (This was right after the release of “Bon Appétit.”) What better occasion to spotlight some of the new Fenty tunes fans have been eagerly awaiting? It’s been more than two years since Anti, just saying.

What the hell is Madonna going to wear?


The Queen of Pop’s been taking the Catholic church to task for her entire career—need we remind of you of the burning crosses in the “Like a Prayer” video, or when she literally hung herself on a cross during her 2006 Confessions tour? This year’s Met Gala theme—”Heavenly Bodies”—was basically tailor-made for her, so it’ll be interesting to see what new buttons she pushes if she attends, and whether she decides to bring her own wine to the red carpet again.

Will anyone quietly make their exit five minutes into the event?

Demi Lovato left the Met Gala early in 2016. So did Amy Schumer. Some people just aren’t into galas. We wouldn’t be surprised if at least one celebrity shows up, sees how many stairs they have to climb to get into the event, and then bounces before even getting a glimpse of André Leon Talley’s cape.

Or: Who’s going to settle in for a midstair nap?

At the 2017 Met Gala, Diddy was working the red carpet, as celebrities do—until he decided he was good and simply reclined on the steps for a minute. Honestly, it was a mood. Stairs are hard! Fancy clothes are hard! Walking up stairs in fancy clothes is hard!

What will be the most outstanding example of self-promotion on the red carpet?

At the 2015 Met Gala, Madonna arrived wearing a dress with “Rebel Heart,” the name of her then-just-released album, splashed across it. Last year Katy Perry donned a headpiece that said—you guessed it!—”Witness,” the name of her album. This raises the question: Which celebrity is going to use this very high-profile event to get their promo on? Please, Ariana Grande, don’t hesitate to wear sunglasses with “Sweetener” on the eyes.

Is Beyoncé going to decide at the last minute to go?

In 2012 Beyoncé decided the day of the Met Gala that she wanted to go, so Givenchy scrambled to put together her look. Only Bey can turn up to a $30,000-per-head event unexpected and still shut the whole red carpet down. Ms. Wintour and company will always have a place for her.

Finally, who’s going to blatantly ignore the theme and just wear a pretty dress?

Met gala

Answer: Everyone, probably—except for Rihanna. Bow down to the Met Gala queen.

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Kanye West explains Jay-Z feud

Kanye West fell out with Jay-Z after his mentor failed to attend his wedding.

The Stronger rapper admitted he was ‘hurt’ when his friend and wife Beyonce failed to join him in Italy in 2014 when he tied the knot with Kim Kardashian West – with whom he has children North, four, Saint, two, and three-month-old Chicago – because the couple are like ‘family’ to him.

Speaking to Charlamagne Tha God on iHeartRadio’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, he said: ‘I was hurt about them not coming to the wedding. I understand they were going through some things, but if it’s family, you’re not going to miss a wedding.

‘I’m not using this interview to put out any negative things, but I gotta state my truth. You just start coming up with all type of crazy things in your head, like ‘Why?’ ‘

The 40-year-old star insists he is ‘past’ feeling disappointed now, though he was upset at the time, and though the pair are back on speaking terms, Kanye has never directly asked Jay about the snub.

He said: ‘I don’t think I ever asked him that question, directly.’

The ‘Bound 2’ hitmaker also addressed Jay’s track ‘Kill Jay-Z’, from his 2017 album ‘4:44’, in which the Tidal founder slammed Kanye and claimed he ‘gave him 20 million’ when in return he was called out on stage by the rapper in a lengthy rant in 2016.

And Kanye claimed he was left ‘frustrated’ by the lyrics of the track because the money referenced was from a Live Nation touring deal.

He said: ‘That concept that he gave me the money that’s what frustrated me because actually the money he got it from Live Nation. It was a touring deal.

‘But the fact that it was worded that it came from him — I’m a very loyal, emotional artist, person, that made me feel like I owed more than the money itself. It put me in more of a controlled situation. I’m only acting out of love — I don’t need to be controlled, I just need to be inspired and informed.’

The former ‘Watch the Throne’ tourmates haven’t seen one another since their falling out but Kanye said they are ‘good now’.

He added: ‘We’re texting each other. It’s positive energy. I haven’t seen him, but I can feel him.’

Watch the interview below;

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Beyoncé takes a tumble with sister on stage

BeyoncéBeyoncé fell on stage during her latest Coachella performance and took sister Solange down with her.

The 36-year-old pop star took the festival by storm once again on Saturday (22.04.18) when she headlined for the second time, but things did not go quite so smoothly when she lost her footing and tripped in front of a crowd of thousands.

She was joined on stage by her younger sister Solange Knowles, 31, for a section of her set and the sisters were dancing to ‘Get Me Bodied’ when Bey attempted to lift Solange up.

The ‘Halo’ hitmaker stumbled and fell to the floor, with Solange landing on top of her.

But – as footage captured on mobile phones by the crowd and posted on social media reveals – the sisters laughed and rolled around on the floor for a short time, before jumping back up and continuing with their performance.

Queen B was once again joined by husband Jay-Z and her former Destiny’s Child bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland on stage at the California festival.

The reunited girl band performed the same medley as the week before, which included ‘Lose My Breath’, ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Soldier’.

But while the setlist was the same, the costumes for the second week were all new, including a sparkling silver leotard for Beyonce, designed by Balmain’s Olivier Rousting.

The singer was also joined on stage by J Balvin to perform a remix of his song ‘Mi Gente’.

The ‘Formation’ singer made history as the first black woman to headline the annual event on Saturday (14.04.18).

During her first performance DJ Khaled came over the speakers and said: “After tonight, Coachella gotta rename Coachella the Beychella. New name alert: Beychella!”

The singer told the crowd: “I’m so happy that I am here. I was supposed to perform at Coachella [last year] but I ended up getting pregnant – thank God! So I had time to dream and dream and dream with two beautiful souls in my belly…

“Thank you guys for sharing this with me. I hope y’all enjoyed the show.”

The singer and husband Jay-Z welcomed twins Rumi and Sir Carter last June.

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Cara Delevingne shuts down commenters who dragged her for praising Beyoncé

Like the rest of the world, Cara Delevingne watched in awe from afar as Beyoncé shut it down at Coachella over the weekend. While Cara’s response to the performance was pretty much exactly the same as everyone else’s (read: the show basically changed her life), fans called her out for “contradicting herself” after she posted about it on social media.

The model took to Instagram to praise Queen Bey’s performance, sharing a picture of the Destiny’s Child reunion set along with a heartfelt caption. “I am speechless,” she wrote. “That performance made me burst into tears and sent shivers down my spine. Especially the Destiny’s Child reunion. ICONIC is an understatement. Thank you for inspiring so many and for lifting each other up. #GirlPower @michellewilliams @beyonce @kellyrowland.”

Yet commenters decided to ask why Cara would express such a statement of support after being so vocal about the fact that she was boycotting the festival. She has spoken in the past about reports that the founder of the festival, Philip Anschutz, had previously given to organizations with anti-LGBTQ views. According to BuzzFeed, Anschutz later released a statement claiming he was unaware of any anti-LGBTQ work by the organizations and has since stopped financial contributions.

Cara has refused to set foot at the festival since the news broke in 2016 and has made #nochella one of her personal causes. Upon seeing her tribute post to Beychella, some commenters felt the model was contradicting her previous commitment. “So its ok to h8 Coachella but praise an artist who goes to the show? So many double standards in media today,” wrote one commenter. “Lol, you are fake and full of s***! You literally posted #NOCHELLA,” shared another.

Cara responded to the comments via Instagram Story, which can be seen here.

“Some people are commenting on the fact that I posted about my anger towards the owner of Coachella and then about Beyoncé. My hashtag was #Nochella,” she wrote. “I still refuse to go to a festival that is owned by someone who is anti-LGBT and pro-gun. I am allowed to shame that man and the festival and show my appreciation of an artist at the same time. Just because I love Beyonce doesn’t mean I now love Coachella. I still wouldn’t go. And I will let nothing get in the way of me showing my love or hate for something. Don’t let anyone come between you and your truth.”

Haters, to the left.

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Tiffany Haddish says she saw Beyoncé shut down an actress who tried to hit on Jay-Z

Tiffany HaddishEarlier this month Tiffany Haddish told a very vague story to Vulture about how Beyoncé once talked her out of fighting another woman at a party. The Girls Trip actress didn’t say much, but her quotes suggested this incident happened the night she met Queen B for the first time. “She came up to me and was like, ‘I think you are so funny, Tiffany Haddish.’ I was like, ‘What? You know me?!’ She said, ‘I’m Beyoncé.’ ‘I know,‘” Haddish recalled.

And Haddish recounted the time she met Beyoncé again in a new interview with TV One. During this chat, she also divulged some drama that happened that evening—where Beyoncé shut down an unnamed actress trying to flirt with Jay-Z—and it’s very possible this is tied to the fight Haddish described to Vulture. Of course, it’s entirely possible two separate beefs happened the evening she met Beyoncé, but these stories are just too similar to not be related, right?

“I was talking to Jay-Z for a little bit,” Haddish said. “And there was another actress that was there who was also talking to Jay-Z. And she touched Jay-Z’s chest and Beyoncé came walking up like…’Biitttchhh!’ But she didn’t say that. But her demeanour, her body from the way she walked upon them was like, ‘Get your hands off my man’s chest.’”

She continued, “So then she also started talking to the other actress and some other stuff happened, but I’m not gonna say nothing yet.”

Hmmm…was this “other stuff” perhaps Haddish wanting to start a fight with this anonymous woman for getting too close to Jay-Z? And Beyoncé talked her off the ledge? Maybe! Maybe not! One thing is for sure, though: Haddish still can’t believe Bey knew who she was at this shindig. “Beyoncé just walked up to me [at the party] and said, ‘Hi, I’m Beyoncé.’ I was like, ‘I know who you are, girl! You are so talented!’ She was like, ‘You are so funny.’” Again, that’s very similar to the Vulture comments, right? What the hell happened at this party?!

Watch Haddish explain all this for yourself, below:

[embedded content]

All right, it’s time to get the ball rolling on a Beyoncé–Tiffany Haddish collaboration.

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Blue Ivy is the only person who can get away with telling Beyoncé to calm down

Blue Ivy
Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran may have swept the 2018 Grammy Awards—for whatever reason—but the real winner of the evening was Blue Ivy, who showed up fashionably late with her famous mama, Beyoncé. The six-year-old superstar-in-training sat between Bey and Jay Z the entire evening, delighting the Internet with hilarious expressions. Every time the camera panned to the Carter family, Miss Blue stole the show, which is quite a feat considering who her parents are.

Of all the moments from Sunday’s show, though, there’s one that’s (rightly) blowing up social media. Right after Kesha’s powerful #MeToo tribute, Camila Cabello took the stage to give a brief speech about immigrants. When she finished, Beyoncé and Jay Z gave her a warm applause, but they were interrupted by Blue, who seemingly told her parents to calm TF down.

You can see it in the video, below. As Bey and Jay Z are applauding, Blue gives them a funny look and gestures with her hands something akin to, “Alright, alright: enough applause.” It’s instantly iconic. Check it out:

So what does this mean? Is Blue actually a Fifth Harmony fan? Is she still salty about Cabello leaving the group? Is she the only person on this planet who isn’t a fan of “Havana”? Regardless, Bey and Jay did stop clapping when Blue told them to, confirming once and for all who the real head of their household is.

Here are some of the funniest reactions to Blue reprimanding her parents:

If Blue Ivy is still on the fence about Camila Cabello, I recommend she listen to “Crying in the Club.” America slept on that song, and it’s light-years better than “Havana,” TBH.

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