Celebrities pull through in celebration of Mother’s Day

Mzansi famous men honor the women in their lives.

If you were on social media yesterday, you could feel the love people have for their mothers. Celebrities from rapper AKA to media personality Somizi, international star Swizz Beatz, Anatii all paid tribute to their moms and the women in their life.

It was a feast of love as some celebrities who are usually hardcore, let their guards down in their posts to their mom. This wasn’t a surprise to us though as we know any man becomes a little boy when he thinks of mommy.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite celebs tributes to the queens of their hearts.


So my mom just called me to ask what the plans are for tomorrow. I told her to just be ready in the morning. She says ok goodnight I love u I say I love u too and hang up. After that call I felt so good and grateful that I still have a mother u can still give me that call on the eve of Mother’s Day. And there’s someone out there who will never have that call and wishes for it. And there’s someone out there who has a mother and ignores that call. Let’s appreciate and love love them coz they only happen once in our lifetime. Bayahlupha bona shemmm but we wasn’t exist without them. I wish everyone a great Mother’s Day with yo Mothers. And to those that have lost theirs I also wish a happy one with yo guardian angels in heaven

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Happy Mama’s Day! ❤❤❤ #ElectronicBushMama

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Mother Mother ❤. Happy Mother ‘s day to all the Mothers in the World.

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Is DJ Zinhle tying the knot?

DJ Zinhle

Legendary DJ and music producer, Oskido had us shook this morning when he took to Twitter to congratulate DJ Zinhle on her seemingly impending nuptials.

“Finally, I’m happy for you,” he captioned a snap of Zinhle wearing a gorgeous bridal gown.

What surprised us, even more, is that the DJ and producer’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Kiernan AKA Forbes posted a sweet snap of her and their daughter on his IG page, on Sunday. The caption on the picture reads: “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY @djzinhle Thank You for giving birth to; and helping me raise our superstar of a daughter…” This is the first time we’ve seen AKA showing love to Zinhle since the demise of their relationship.

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Earlier today, DJ Zinhle posted a series of pictures, where she is wearing a wedding gown. We’re not sure if this is a teaser for a music video or campaign, or if she’s actually going to tie the knot.

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We’re also wondering if AKA has anything to do with this sudden bout of wedding fever…

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AKA is all in his feels this Valentine’s Day

AKAWe’ve all been through it. The dreaded breakup. Where every lyric in a song sounds relatable to you and gets you right in the feels. That feeling when you finally think you’re over them, then you see a happy couple walking the streets and you burst into tears. Yup, first world problems. But it doesn’t help when you’re an A-list celebrity and had your relationship slapped on the front of magazine covers and even reality TV. Well, this was the case for rapper AKA. After he subtly admitted his heartache on an Instagram comment he struck again on Twitter, tweeting lyrics from Kanye West’s Dark Fantasy. See here:

Most of his fans have been sending him support and saying that he deserves better but others are even bringing his ex Zintle into it. Eek!

All best AKA hopefully you’re not feeling too lonely this Valentine’s Day!

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Opinion: Swizz Beats Embraces SA Music Scene

Is Swizz Beats the international plug that SA Hip Hop has been waiting for? The legendary Ruff Ryders producer, DJ and recording artist came down to the real Dirty South for an event hosted by Barcadi over the weekend. We’ve seen Swizz, real name Kasseem Dean, maneuver around town with his South African best friend, Black Coffee.

Swizz also ended up meeting SA Hip Hop heavyweights the likes of Cassper Nyovest, Riky Rick and Reason, to name a few, and it seemed like he was having so much fun and was part of the squad.

It was quite evident that the local artists realized that they were in the presence of greatness. One can only imagine how much knowledge there is to be absorbed from someone with a reputation and experience as vast as Swizz Beat’s.

The SA artists shared candid moments that show an honest and sincere interaction with the hip hop mogul; an honesty that cannot be faked for a pic for the Gram. AKA even went as far as saying that Swizz Beats is an honest artist who genuinely cares about Mzansi’s music and art scene – meaning that he sees the potential of our artists.

Some cynicism is inevitable, Twitter folks, on the other hand, are convinced that the legend is benefiting more from his trip. Granted, he may be benefiting from the vibe but the scene is benefiting far more than he is – his presence was necessary.

Having Swizz Beats and other international legends like him involved in the vibe is very beneficial to the penetration of the international scene.

This is not to suggest that we need the international recognition to create an industry but the inclusion of South Africa and Africa as a whole in global music and art is an opportunity to showcase the immaculate talent we have and ultimately make the industry more lucrative because “we all gotta eat!”

We hope that the presence of such a legend was not in vain. Reason asked for a beat from Swizz so that’s something to look out for! What are your thoughts on this? Do share.

18 Key People That AKA Follows On Twitter.

Kiernan Forbes is without a doubt someone that is very key to have on your Twitter timeline. You never want to miss his controversial tweets or iconic, screenshot worthy moments, like him breaking up with his famous girlfriend or fighting another rapper for the number one spot.

Everyone has noticed a change in AKA’s Twitter behavior and how he chooses to approach the platform in the New Year. After deleting all his tweets and unfollowing a few people, we couldn’t help but wonder who are these 18 people that AKA follows.

Considering that the Superstar rapper has 2.5 million followers on his Twitter, it is quite interesting to see that he only follows 18 of those people. We also can’t help but think that he is taking a passage from his favorite artist Kanye West, only followed his wife Kim Kardashian. Now, these 18 people include Yanga, who is a solid member of the AKA squadrant, Rich Mahogany who we are not quite sure what role he plays in the team, Zizi Kodwa who is the ANC spokesperson (we all know that AKA is affiliated with the party). He also follows his business partner at 3rd World, Prince and his trusted keyboard player Master A Flat as well as a few friends like Da L.E.S and Tazzy.

What became apparent while we were snooping was how AKA unfollowed Bonang Matheba. We don’t want to get into that though. AKA clearly plans on keeping the family close and his team even closer.

Shimza to give shoes to hundreds of Orphans

Philanthropist, DJ and Producer, Shimza will be handing over school shoes to hundreds of orphaned children from Tembisa at the Rabasotho Hall in Tembisa on Tuesday 16th January.

This is made possible by his annual One Man Show which was in it’s 9th year in 2017, 25 December. The show saw the likes of AKA, Black Motion, Riky Rick, Cassper Nyovest, Nadia Nakai, Moozlie, Reason, Heavy K and Sjava among many others performing for the party-loving crowd at Mehlareng Stadium. A percentage of proceeds from the show goes to buying school shoes for orphaned children In Tembisa, whom Shimza hosted a daytime party for on Christmas day.

Thank you for supporting my One Man Show, today we bought 1500 school shoes for the kids in my community, progress from last years 400. The dream is to one day do 10 times more. You guys did this, thank you thank you thank you!

Shimza thanked his supporters on Instagram.