Shane Eagle features in a very disturbing short film

Shane Eagle plays a supporting role in Fred Kayembe short film.

And no, this is not a fully-fledged role, it’s one of those one liners that leaves you thinking pretty hard.

The writer and former editor of hip-hop publication, Hype Magazine, created Vertigo, with CideFX Films, Mohau Mamafha on producer seat, Nkululelo Lebambo as director and Kamogelo Wollff on sound.

The short-film highlights how life of freedom looks like for the youngins, the life of a proper turn up, popping bottles and only to wake up with a rather rude and vague recount of your bad decisions under the influence.

Kayembe, who plays the protagonist takes us through this above-mentioned experience and his enabler friend, Shane Eagle, provides him with a subtle wake up call.

It’s an eerie and disgustingly disturbing but a very relatable and insightful thing to watch, particularly the ending (anybody has the un-see eye-drops?)

Vertigo forms part of his #thinkingoutloud virtual exhibition series. Peep the series as it ends on Friday.

Watch the film below:

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