Is Afropunk planning to do better?

This year’s Afropunk line-up is somewhat underwhelming and we have questions.

When the announcement of the headliners for the second instalment of the Afropunk festival in this here Mzansi was made, we skimmed through it and wondered what’s behind the more, and the special guest yet to be unveiled.

Although most of our favs are in it, Kaytranada, The Internet, Thandiswa Mazwai aka King Tha, Moonchild Sanelly, Dope Saint Jude and FAKA to mention a few, it’s still underwhelming.

South Africa has an abundance of talented musicians, why are we seeing only a handful of them on a festival that’s taking place in their home soil?

Furthermore, in the wake of alleged transphobic and homophobic behaviour and views of local rapper, YoungstaCPT who forms part of this supposed celebration of complete identity and championship of discrimination-free and safe space, when is the organisation going to address this issue?

Local DJ Olwee brought to light the said allegations on Twitter following the announcement.

Local musician, Muzi confirmed these allegations but both Afropunk and Youngsta’s team are still mum on these allegations.

An event boasting a theme, The People Resist, a call for action against all kinds of hate and intolerance.

Are we meant to sit back and hype up an event that is not addressing pertinent issues at a time where suicide is rapidly growing among the youth, particularly victims of discrimination?

How about we demand better. We need better. We deserve better. Afropunk needs to do better.

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