Black Coffee politely claps back at a FAN

South African record producer and DJ, Black Coffee, politely clapped back at a fan who tried to tell him how to perform for people, Coffee posted a screenshot on his insta stories which detailed a direct message he received from a fan who was disappointed in his set.

We love your music. But your performance lately is not cool at all. Had to defend you in a crowd…but I saw the point.

Wrote the fan.

You mix as though you’re alone in some closed room but you’re on stage. Your come duze performance which was aired on sabc1…music great but the act wasn’t. Not the biggest fan but please interact next time. You’ll lose fans if you don’t. Smile. Get a mic. Say something. Be part of us. The crowd.

The fan concludes.

Coffee replied with a simple “That’s all I can offer, Music”.