AKA accuses Vth season of conspiring against him

Eish yah neh, it seems like the ongoing battle between rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, known by his stage name AKA, and his former manager Raphael Benza from Vth Season, just won’t come to an end. Following recent media reports that AKA owes the taxman over 2 Million rand, Mr Forbes has lashed out on twitter as he claims that Benza is conspiring behind him and he is the one behind feeding media with the news that aim to destroy his brand.

Since I left that company, they’ve been struggling to keep the lights on. If I was them I’d plant stories in the media about me too. Desperate times. Desperate measures

AKA tweeted.

Every time I close a deal or make another move … a negative story about me comes out in the papers. Have you noticed? Shame. That’s all the poor guy can do. God will deal with him. If he hasn’t already

AKA adds.